"I couldn't be happier with my band's new website, thanks to Chad Ely. He's brilliant with multi-media and explains every detail you need to know. Kudos to Chad!"

~ Alan Greene, The Alan Greene Band

"It has been said that the all the great people throughout history are only as great by the people that surround them. Under that scenario I have to consider myself great.

Yesterday morning I meet with my web master to revise and update my web site. We began at 10:30 with the expectation of being finished around noon. Well that did not happen and I ended the session having dinner with the family. I finally got back to the office at 8:30 this evening. A full 10 hours of work and comradery.

If you look up the definition of “genius” in the dictionary, you would find his picture next to the discerption. What amazes me about him is the fact he has a staff of about 18, scattered all over the world. You have to love todays advanced communication capabilities to be able to sit down in front of 3 huge monitors and perform the work we did in a few hours that would take a normal “web site designer” 3 or 4 weeks to do. However, that is not what truly makes him great. What this man can do in developing a web site is similar to what Steve Jobs did for Apple.

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"I asked Chad Ely to make me a website and so I answered a few questions and sent him a couple pictures. That was on Friday afternoon. On Saturday around noon he presented to me an awesome web site. I then told him that I was very impressed how he and his team built such a GREAT site in such a short amount of time. I also told him I really loved the layout, and that the only thing I thought my site lacked was a sales page where I could sell some of the equipment we are dealers for. AND BOOM within 10 minuets I had a sales site. He then told me how to add a product and link it to my credit card company and it was so easy!! In fact anything I need to do to the web site, like add a picture, swap a picture, change the text, change a headline or anything I wanted to change or edit is super easy because it is based on CMS and not html. I am so blown away by the quality, the ease of editing and the SERVICE these guys provided me. If you are even thinking of a new website, your first call should be to Chad Ely and his team!"

~ Beth Gladden, Sweet Spot Audio

"Chad is a genius at everything that relates to the world of website development and multimedia projects. It is an understatement to say that he is very knowledgeable--Chad is always on top of new developments, an excellent problem solver and just a sheer pleasure to work with. He not only has great vision and knows exactly what you need (or want), he will also implement it in a very time and cost efficient manner. I love the websites that Chad created for us and I highly recommend him and the Multimedia Group for any project!"

~ Petra Uma

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