These guys rock! Made our business more visible and we were able to access potential clients easier. They really helped us realize our full potential and have increased our business substantially.
Cindy Malkovsky Keefover

I have not personnally used them yet, but some people I know have. They were very pleased with the work they did and on a timely manner. In the near future, I will be using them!
Sandy Stocklas Cardaman

If your looking to have a good website or video done you would be hard-pressed to find someone as good as Chad Ely Multimedia
Patrick Podpadec

Chad Ely & Ely Multimedia Group built a 1st rate website for my music. They have been incredible to work with. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for...but THEY did. They worked with me - asking the right questions and listening - they knew exactly what I needed, showed me different styles, made suggestions & recommendations along the way and the results are amazing! I wish I had a before and after shot of my old website to the one Ely Multimedia built for me... it's like Day AND Night! If ALL of their services are this fantastic, then there is never a reason to search for another media group for any project. I recommend them to Anyone AND Everyone!
Marnée August

Great company and great service! Highly recommend Ely Multimedia!
Frank Wagoner

Chad came to my rescue last week when my videographer fell terribly ill and I was sitting with a deadline and raw footage not knowing what to do. I put out a call on FB, and Chad answered right away. He pushed some stuff to the side, helped by both by phone and internet and within a few hours, boob, it was pieced together. I had not even noticed the sound was only on one side of the video and he caught this and totally fixed it.

THANK YOU, CHAD for being a great person who is doing great work!
Donna L. Stevens

It has been said that the all the great people throughout history are only as great by the people that surround them. Under that scenario I have to consider myself great.

Yesterday morning I meet with my web master to revise and update my web site. We began at 10:30 with the expectation of being finished around noon. Well that did not happen and I ended the session having dinner with the family. I finally got back to the office at 8:30 this evening. A full 10 hours of work and comradery.

If you look up the definition of “genius” in the dictionary, you would find his picture next to the discerption. What amazes me about him is the fact he has a staff of about 18, scattered all over the world. You have to love todays advanced communication capabilities to be able to sit down in front of 3 huge monitors and perform the work we did in a few hours that would take a normal “web site designer” 3 or 4 weeks to do. However, that is not what truly makes him great. What this man can do in developing a web site is similar to what Steve Jobs did for Apple.

Here is a man that not only builds some of the world’s best guitars and is a rock star in, he developed sites for Kucinich, John Kerry, and turned down Obamas request to do his, only to name a few. The list of movie stars and world famous musicians that ask him to put together their web sites are too numerous to mention. Leave it to say that Willie Nelson ask for his autograph. (See the video).

The man has magic in his fingers. What he has done in developing my site is beyond any accolades I am able to bestow upon him. The man is a true genius and that is hard to find in today’s world. Beyond that fact, he is truly grounded in his beliefs of right and wrong. We had the opportunity throughout the course of the day to discuss human values and what is important in our lives as individuals concerned with other humans around the world and the survival of our planet.

I feel grateful to have such a colleague and friend. I also have to mention the person responsible for Chad and myself getting hooked up and that is a very good friend Andy Juniewicz. He is just another one of those every day, run of the mill geniuses that I feel very fortunate to be able to call friend. Hope you enjoy the brief video.

Ronald B. Sarstedt


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